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This Red Sox team is the best team to win the World Series out of 2004,2007, and 2013.
The Red Sox winning the World Series was probably the best team out of 2004, 2007, and 2013. They are a young vibrant and athletic team that will be good for a while. The Sox in 2004 took care of an 86 year curse and completed the greatest comeback in MLB playoff history. The 2007 team was older and so was the 2013 team. The 2018 team is different on so many levels from the manager to the players. Everything Cora did worked to make this team better. Cora is so different from Terry Francona and John Farrell. Francona and Farrell wouldn't put in a starting pitcher in the eighth inning of a playoff game. Having Sale pitch in the eighth inning of the ALDS was pretty cool by Cora and proving he took one game at a time. If he made a mistake he would own up to it whether it was to the media or to his players. You never heard Francona or Farrell admit when they were wrong in front of the media. Farrell would be talking about finding his closer 'B.' Cora made it seem like a family atmosphere which is so different from Francona and Farrell. Both managers had teams with superstar talent like Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz. This team had J.D. Martinez who really wasn't a factor in the postseason and neither was Mookie Betts. The Rest of the team stepped up from Brock Holt to Jackie Bradley Jr. Players stepped up big time from pitchers like Joe Kelly to Nathan Eovaldi. It was a complete team effort not like in previous years when you needed a big hit from David Ortiz. For the 2019 season and beyond this team is going to be great. They have their core guys to bring more championships to this team. As long as Cora is still the manager this team is going to be great. He's the best manager this team has ever had.