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"Certain veteran Choo, will fit well with other teams."
SOURCE Texas Rangers manager John Daniels said he would use a thick outfielder as a trade card to reinforce the broken star. The trade card mentioned is a Texas veteran outfielder Choo. "The 2019 Texas has a starter pitcher and will fill it out this week," the media reported. Texas finished the season with 67 wins and 95 losses this season and the lowest in the West in the American League West. After the season, Jeff Barnardt has been tough and Chris Woodward has been appointed a new manager. Texas All-season weakness is the rotation. He was 29th in the league with an average ERA of 5.37. The bottom is Baltimore Orioles with 5.48. The starting pitcher pitching inning was 20th in the league with 846 innings. It is the 20th among 29 teams except for the Tampa Bay Rays, which opened the bullpen day. The media said, "Texas has strengthened their farms with drafts and international FA agreements this year, and it is difficult to trade the best prospects while rebuilding." Texas has a lot of left-handed outfielders, Nomar Jarra, Joe Gallo, Can be used as trade cards. " Choo is always referred to as a trade candidate. Choo has been in Texas uniform for $ 130 million for seven years after the 2013 season. This large contract has been an obstacle so far. Every time Texas breaks the season, the Choo's trades are coming out, but there is no club that can afford a high salary. The salary aids have also flowed out but the trade has not been concluded. When Choo recorded a record of 52 consecutive games, it was a timely trade deal, but he stayed in Texas. Daniels said, "Choo is a sure veteran, the young career of other players is at another point, they will potentially match us well, and they will work well with other teams. I am going to talk about the field where there is an athlete class. "Outside jin is one of them," he said.