At the time of this writing Jon Jones has defeated Anthony "Lion Heart" Smith in the UFC 235 main event making his successful defense of the UFC's Light Heavyweight belt. Well you might say, what's new? Another dominant fight from the champion? His win streaks inside the Octagon (his bout outside is another story) is so dominant that we can see no one in the near future that can be a challenge to his dominance in this division. All we can expect is that there will be a new and upcoming fighter that can somehow bring a challenge against Jon Jones game.

He already beaten the who's who in this division, former champs and future Hall of Famers alike. Names like Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort and many others all folded when they faced against the wrecking force called Jon Bones Jones. Not to mention Daniel Cormier who Dana White call to be in a contention to be the greatest heavyweight ever was knocked out when he last faced Jon Jones.

He is also the youngest UFC champ and seeing how he dismantled these great fighters, not only that he wins but he performs in such a dominant game that even the great Glover Texeira openly admitted that he is not the same fighter after he faced Jon Jones. The long term injury he can inflict can really spell the difference as the fight goes on.

But why is he not the GOAT? He said it himself he may not be the GOAT or Greatest Of All Time as there can be a lot ways to define a GOAT. That can be with other characteristics like behaviour outside fighting arena or things that he did to contribute to the sports as a general not just for himself. But what is so clear though as he define himself to be the MDFE or the Most Dominant Fighter Ever. No one can question that, the way he beats his opponent, even the only question mark in his career, his bout with Alexander Gustaffson, was put in a very conclusive manner in his dominance on that rematch.

No more questions in here, Jon Bones Jones is the Most Dominant Fighter the UFC ever had. The only question is, who will he fight next that can put up a decent challenge? Share us your thoughts with your comment below.

Enjoy this video on Jon Jones career I found on YouTube:

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