Not many UFC fans know Ben Askren but with the many talks about him lately and with the records he has amassed as a mixed martial artist would certainly make you take a second look on this guy. He is a long time Bellator Welterweight Champion and a semi- retired undefeated champion from his stint at One Championship. He paused his MMA career after making consecutive title defenses with no serious threat coming from that organization. He and his contract was then traded with UFC in a historic exchange between two organizations. UFC got Askren in exchange for Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez.

Ben Askren is scheduled to face Robbie Lawler in UFC 233 scheduled this January. I am not bypassing Robbie Lawler at all as he is a legitimate challenge with a proven heart of a champion. But then as many experts saw it, Ben Askren is seen to win in this match up. So, if Ben Askren can convincingly pass his initial test inside UFC. The next big question is, what's next for him?

Of course, no further introduction is needed for Khabib Nurmagomedov after his dominant performance against the ultra popular Conor McGregor. The guy has become an instant celebrity the world over.

After the announcement of his transfer to UFC, Ben Askren wasted no time in calling out names of possible match ups for him. Understandably, Khabib is one of them. What makes me interested in this fight is aside from the fighting style each one came from, is the clean slate record each fighter carry with them. Both undefeated and showed unquestionable dominant performances throughout their careers. It is like two great opposing forces coming into collision and we will witness who will prevail and will ultimately rule them all.

The country of origins and their fighting disciplines are also interesting matches. One coming from Russia with Sambo background ( a Russian martial art and combat sport) and the other is coming from US with an American Folkstyle Wrestling background. It is like two superpowers battling it out to the eyes of the people all over the world watching showcased inside one of the most popular arena today, the UFC octagon.

There can be a lot of dramas or stories that we can milk out of it, but the fundamental thing remains, these are two people who are master of their disciplines, both undefeated and who will represent the people coming from their own respective countries. Russia vs USA, who you got? To me, this is a match really worth watching.

Even Joe Rogan express his excitement on this possible match up and here is one of his podcast telling about the prospect of a fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Ben Askren:

How about you? Would you be excited to see a fight between these two undefeated MMA fighters?

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