Two fighters staged one of the bloodiest battles that surely will be recorded the history of the discipline of mixed martial arts.

It was Kal Schwartz and Kay Hasen, who ended up bloody, after Schwartz, a rookie fighter who only scored her second victory in her short career, caused the suffering of the experienced Kay, opening her eyebrow with several punches.

Halfway through the fight, Schwartz hit Kay hard, leaving her completely bloodied, something that has rarely been seen in mixed martial arts combat in the female category. Schwartz did not stop hurting his opponent, until he saw her defeated.

This fight was of the most outstanding in the feminine sport and has given much fame to Schwartz, for which many have nicknamed him "Miss America".

At the end of the fight, Hansen was transferred to a welfare center to be treated for the injuries and blows she received, fortunately she is out of danger.

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