One of the biggest under dogs of UFC 230 actually became the event's star!

Jared Cannonier came in as a more than 5 to 1 underdog against his opponent David Branch, and in less than 3 minutes into the first round he knocked him out cold!

Many (including myself) didn't see this coming at all; Branch is a sophisticated ground specialist who is a top 5 middleweight, and Jared found himself as more a journeyman of both the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

Jared spoke of an immense source of inspiration post fight as a young child motivated the 'Killa Gorilla' into being the best he could be that night.

I've left a clip of the moment below (just click the Twitter link), and you can judge for yourself how much of an effect the young man had on Jared.. and the fight's outcome.

Moments like these keep me falling in love with the sport, it isn't all violence and brawn at the end of the day.