The rematch between Al Iaquinta and Kevin Lee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin marked the end of an era for the UFC.

The last show on FOX was held this past Saturday and now ESPN will be handling anything related to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

With ONE FC making big moves to TCM, TNT, and basically all public access cable channels by 2019, UFC must also make their own moves to remain the most relevant and largest fight organization in the world.

Bellator also had their own two events this weekend to match the UFC's closing act with FOX, but the Viacom brand just isn't making waves like the UFC has... nor may it ever.

The level of talent and excitement in each UFC card along with the ability to play fantasy with the brand on DraftKings simply makes Dana White's company worth so much more than the others.

I personally follow all the fight brands for different reasons, but I only know the majority of fighters in the UFC because we have seen that talent pool is of the highest order.

I love what ESPN is doing to brand themselves as a comat sports brand as well, and they've even opened up a sports channel on Youtube dedicated solely to mma.

Things are bright for mma and the UFC, new fans are welcome!