Conor McGregor.

Never has such a name had an impact on sport and the world as a whole. Never has a combat athlete since Muhammad Ali been so prolific at dismantling the best fighters in the world both on the physical, and mental front.

It is all an illusion until it's not... the fables of a wicked left hand and the mindset of a demigod scare some before they even get into the ring.

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Conor is the master of the facade; above being a championship level martial artist, he is a magician who's mastered the tricks of hand to hand combat.

The 'flim flam' disguise of extravagant kicks and stance is just that... a disguise. Everything McGregor does is an intention to veil his true intention.

The mask of insanity is one Conor puts on to woo his foe into a false sense of comfortability; Conor enjoys making his opponents believe he is as simple as black and white. The grand deception comes with The Notorious One's layers.. behind that left hand is a well rounded fighter capable of moving and contorting with the best of them.

He is neither a master wrestler or boxer, but he is a master sportsmen who is brilliant and composing his body and mind to sync with the situations he is placed in.

The adaptation, evolution, and sheer natural brilliance provides Conor the gifts he employs in the combat arena.

Can he fell the undefeated, 26-0 wrestler who is one of the greatest fighters the UFC has ever seen?

I think he can...