When Dan Henderson handed Vitor a decision loss in 2006...

...nobody could have thought they'd meet two more times nearly a decade later.

Dan was able to implement a dynamic wrestling gameplan on the younger, more naive Vitor, but as a more emboldened and wise fighter, Vitor was able to capitalize on the speed discrepancy and land the kill blow on Dan.

All the fights between these two are so fun to watch, and these are legends who've spanned decades in both the US and Japan.

Vitor is an elite finisher, so getting hurt against him in a fight is always the beginning of the end.

Dan was simply a step too slow and got himself badly hurt against the once Phenom in his homeland of Brazil!

..it seemed that Vitor simply had Dan's number. Some styles just can't beat others, and Vitor showed that in his prime, he was difficult for practically everyone in the world except Anderson Silva.

The ease in which Silva dispatched Belfort is another marker to how he is the true greatest of all time, but that is a story for another day.