This is a bit of a strange study conducted by USADA, and it adds to the fact that they truly are the end all be all of drug testing. 

[Image Source](UFC Anti-Doping Program - USADA)

To make sure athletes aren't even tempted to submit to the temptation of performance enhancers and restricted drugs, they enforce every rule in regards to their consumption. USADA is now analyzing the searches of athletes when they are set off due to athlete's inquiring about new drugs. If an athlete searches the USADA website curious if Cocain metabolites are allowed to be in the system.. that sets off red flags.

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When an athlete is seeking weight cutting diuretics or anabolics of any sort, a lot of red flags are thrown down by USADA and one can surely count on a visit with drug test in hand. The substances themselves are: Cortisone, Creatine, Cannabis, Cocaine, Marijuana. The source of these findings is USADA's annual report (for 2017). it is quite interesting that cocaine would even be on the list, because although cannabis is a recreational drug, it has many healing properties (unlike the more powdery substance aligned in its category). 

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The pool of 623 Athletes Selected has accumulated to 2819 Total Tests with some fighters being tested an inordinate amount (either due to tip offs or suspicions in body or performance). The likes of bantamweight TJ Dillashaw was tested 14 times! Most of these searches came after his former opponent, and former champion Cody Garbrandt accused him of cycling on and off of sterioids all the while teaching others in the gym how to do so. 

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A simple point of the finger can lead USADA to an athlete's door, but the thing is, they are hardly ever wrong. Even in case of wrong contaminations and accusations, USADA always seems to find a way to expose athletes trying to game the system. It is a hard fight since so many fighters use substances of all sorts for enhancement, and USADA doesn't ban many substances that are just as useful as anabolics they have in fact banned. 

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What do you think of this list? Is every fighter on steroids.. or cocaine?