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KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV challenged FLOYD MAYWEATHER, unbeaten boxing champion.

"Floyd, I think we should fight now, 50-0 against 27-0, two guys who have never lost, why not to try?" In jungle there is only one King, and that King is me. "Floyd failed to send McGregor to the floor, I managed it without a problem. That's exactly why, let's go! " said the Russian fighter.

Daniel Cormier, the UFC's heavyweight champion and Khabib's teammate, believes this is a very bad idea.

"It would have been better to Khabib not even to think about what he intends to do," Cormier said, who after fighting McGregor tried to calm Nurmagomedov.

Khabib's boxing techniques are far worse than those of Conor McGregor, and we know that the Irish fighter was not even close to finish Mayweather. That is why Cormier does not give a chance to Khabib.

"If you do not mean to do it just for the money, it's better not to do it because he will get heavy beats." I love Khabib, but realistically, Floyd is going to beat him. "That's crazy, I think Khabib would be so frustrated that he would start wrestling in the boxing ring. It is so funny but that is the way I see the situation. Instead of boxing Khabib would go wrestling. "

But we all know that it is all about the money, so please guys BRING IT OONNNNNN! :-)

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