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There was news earlier today about Cris Cyborg's release from the UFC that was brought about on the MMAmania website. I had a feeling egghead Dana was going to make some disrespectful comments towards Cyborg that the normal casual would oddly, yet predictably believe, and I was right. I want to highlight a few quotes that are hilarious and just plain stupid to say but not surprised since the UFC has a president who relies on lies to promote fights.

In Dana's 1 on 1 interview with Laura Sanko. Dana said "“All this other (expletive) that she’s putting out there – again, to avoid fighting Amanda Nunes, message received. I get it. I’m going to release her from her contract. I will not match any offers.” Everybody and they mama know Cyborg isn't scared of Nunes. We know Cyborg may be stupid for fighting like a maniac against the heavy handed Nunes, but to die on her shield at UFC 232 the way she did, there's one human emotion you can't call Cyborg: scared. Cyborg has mentioned to the media multiple times that she wants to rematch Nunes. That's clear as day. It's weird that White's pushing out this narrative of Cyborg being scared and not saying why Cyborg is scared. If he mentioned that he tried getting her on phone or whatever excuse that involved a phone, he definitely wouldn't elaborate on what was said on the line. It's one of those scenarios where if your going to out a fighter that works for you and half-assed hyped her up without a catch (make 140 lbs for your first UFC fight) when said fighter came into the UFC, you might as well go all the way. It's not about business at that point, it's about deflating an already built brand in Cyborg and an continuation of this misbranding, represented by this next quote.

“She is free and clear to go to Bellator or any of these other organizations and fight these easy fights that she wants.

Now i'm going to show you UFC's representation of the woman's featherweight division:

Exhibit A: Women's Featherweight division according to UFC

Here's another representation of UFC's featherweight division according to MMA World Rankings:

Exhibit B: the "easy" fights of women's featherweight division in the UFC

How is Dana gonna claim Cyborg wants easy fights in other promotions when she already beat two of these women on this representation of rankings, Cat's on her way out of the fight game in a good three years, and everyone below her are basically meat cubes used for beef stew. I get it, there isn't much "competition" for Cyborg outside of the UFC. Maybe Julia Budd in Bellator, but no one of note is mentioned. So Dana's statement about easy fights is equal parts comical and equal parts half-baked. Especially when they refuse to add quality fighters into the division. Reasons for why that's so is all for speculation. Assumptions is a synonym for speculation.

“This is a woman that doesn’t want to fight the champion no matter what she says,” White said. “I am giving up my rights to her contract to matching her contract to anything. I’m giving it up. There you go. You’re not being bullied. Nothing like that. I’m going to let you go. If you don’t want to fight Amanda and you don’t want to be here that bad, then why would I want you here?” Clearly Cyborg doesn't want to fight for the UFC unless she's paid her worth. If Dana took off that pathetic excuse of a promoter's hat, just keep it real and said "We're letting Cyborg go because she wants this amount of money and we feel she isn't worth it", then i'll be all for it. Clearly the UFC doesn't want to pay her worth and want to hide behind the narrative of Cyborg's scared of Nunes. For some weird reason, these MMA casuals are eating that headline up. What's their reason for following the headline? "Oh Cyborg complaining about [insert pointless reason they would complain about if given the same opportunity], complaining about [insert another pointless reason they would complain about if given the same opportunity]" We know damn well these casuals complain about their 9-5's but no one calling them out on it because no one gives a shit. I wish these new MMA fans see through these headlines and not believe the nonsensical "storylines" Dana knows will be eaten up just because it grabs your attention. Oh well, I guess sheep stay sheep.