Din Thomas expained the strategy that led a flawless vistory versus previously undefeated Darren Till.

He state that they knew that Darren Till cut a lot of weight and he wouldn't be able to work for five rounds the way Tyron was prepared to work for five rounds. Also it was a  necessity for Tyron get to him early, start creating angles and not allowing him to get that left hand off.

He also expaine that being shorter can help sometimes, because you take away some of your target. So, with Tyron’s foot speed and being shorter, he was able to take away that target and Darren Till was never able to get that left hand off.If Tyron had gotten hit with a couple of left hands, that would’ve been the worst-case scenario because Darren Till is a dangerous fighter,

We were pretty concerned about some of the assets that Darren Till possesses. But in no  mind did I ever think that Tyron couldn’t beat him based on the weight difference, the height difference, or anything like that. It was just a matter of being able to execute meaning, Tyron’s a short guy, he was at a disadvantage when it comes to height, but we knew that Tyron possessed the speed to be able to get inside fast.

So beeing shorter, faster and stronger for Tyron was a advantage versus tall Darren who couldn't use hes left hand "hes bigger weapon" on Tyron was a catalyst factor for Tyron Victory!