We all know Conor's big Talent and than's not other than selling himself don't get me wrong im a big fan of he's rare talent, hyping event's and making sold outs he did the same with money match with Mayweather and he doing it again already all tickets are sold out , this is a talent that every marketing manager dreams.

Press conference

During press conference khabib was very humble and quiet, few things i could decode from him ,are those he is impatient about fight with Conor and he is very furious with him and want to smash him on the ground and show to all world that's conor have zero wrestling and grappling skills , he also told he fight for legacy and conor for money that's shows that khabib determined win no matter what!!

Conor arrived with a fancy custom and with a bottle of hes own whiskey brand, he start insulting and provoke khabib , he state that he is ready for war and he is in perfect shape for 5 rounds he also said khabib was hes fun boy and he claimed that he will beat him in tha name of russian people, i felt he came to press conference to advertise hes whiskey brand more than ufc press conference he also mention that he's whiskey are direct competitor to Jameson i know only this, Conor know's the art of hyping people and make money.

Let me know what u thing about press conference between Khabib and Conor and what u can decode from they true intention below in comment field.