This is kind of interesting as we see such a thing first time in the history of crypto. I am talking about Litecoin called the silver while BTC called the gold.

Lately, LTC started sponsoring UFC events starting with Jones Vs Gustaffson fight.

The logo was visible a lot for example on the screen below.

Now the interesting part. Litecoins logo was pretty much black-white-silver for years.

Later it changed to the logo in same colors but with a full name so that people know what Ł (a polish letter actually) stands for.

And now that Litecoin Foundation was sure they will sponsor and get a spot on the mat of octagon they knew color has to change as it is gray. But what they did was, not just change the logo for the even or the mat but went for an official change of all colors just because of sports!

So this is a nice way of showing how sports can have an impact on crypto. Even one of the first cryptos in the world!

Remember that our first exchange OpenLedger has many LTC markets even with SCR pair