Soooo several days ago, I was back in Slovakia for a weekend. And on Saturday, my mum asked me if I wanna go with her to cryochamber. You know, that stuff all the MMA fighters have been doing last couple of years in Embedded videos.

But before I get to the topic, lemme acknowledge this: My mother is "pioneer" in this haha, she's going there weekly for like 4-5 years already!

Jiu-jitsu with my mother :)

And after the cryo procedure, there's a workout room to get warm again. As I've seen the tatami in the corner, I knew what we have to do :) I asked my mother if she wants to see what this BJJ Im contantly talking about actually is...and..we've spent 15 minutes doing all the basic techniques!!! I loved it :)

OMG this is soooo coool <3 !!
She was such a good student as well :))

Aaaand last but not least...of course I have the full video of the procedure :)

You can watch the full 15 minute-long video HERE :)) Please lemme know what you thing about it :)