I'm watching this presser here and just decided to write downsome of the amazing/funny/cringey moments :D

First thing which happened is Conor saying he wanted to have fans there as it's all for the fans.

He also came up with both of his belts and his new whiskey bottle Proper 12. Funny enough, he even had a tiny bottle hidden under his suit in case they won't allow him to bring the big one on the stage

He poured the glass for Dana and also for Khabib, who declined as he's a Muslim. He stated repeatadly that he doesn't drink at all.

Conor started talking about Khabib's camp main sponsor being locked in Russian prison because of stealing money from Russian people. Khabib didn't seem to be bothered by the talk.

Than they talked about the bus incident. Here Conor got Khabib good, which was one of his best moments as he was much more cringier than usually.

Khabib: "Of course I'm gonna sit in bus!"
Conor: "Shit in bus! :D"

Whisky whisky whisky

Conor was getting the best of this presser to get his whisky nice promotion. He repeatedly said that he's back in for an MMA fight just cuz of pure love for the sport and that he doesn't really need it, as he's set for life from boxing match and his other ventures.

"It's on the canvas, as his blood will be"

This is Conor's quote as Dana answered the question whether is this fight happening in partnership with Conor's Proper 12 whiskey. Conor was suuper excited when Dana announced it. Maybe it's just me but he had kind of childish spark in his eyes in that moment. He even had Dana announce it in "double microphone"..

They continued back and forth, but Conor seemed he was actually just pissing himself of. Khabib got kinda angry at some moments as well, but nothing Aldo-like..Lot of people were commenting that Conor is drunk or on drugs but I personally have a hard time believing it. I'd say he had a bit of press rust :D

The faceoff

Conor continued to talk some shit. But I was just looking at them both and Khabib seems to be little bit bigger. Not just height..but especially frame-wise. I can't really see getting Conor from under him.

After the faceoff was almost wrapped up, Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz started shouting something in Conor's direction. Conor immediatelly replied, saying he's got lot of stuff on him and asked: "How's Noah?"....If someone knows what he meant, lemme know :)

My thoughts

All in all, the presser was fun to watch altho it was deffo one of the worst Conor's performances. He used to be funny and he wasn't today. But the thing is, these pressers are not really important and people just give them way too much attention. I'm sure both guys are busting their asses in the gym and I personally want Conor to win. I'm on the bandwagon from his Brandao fight. Nothing against Khabib tho..