Just making sure I won't pass this ...altho I'm sooo excited that I'll probably won't even fall asleep haha :D I somehow managed to persuade 4 friends to come over to my place at this crazy time (cca 6am will be the Main Event) and watch it with me.

Told them that in 50 years, they're grand-kids will be on our BBQs like: "Uncle Paper, tell us how you and our granddad watched Conor vs. Khabib" :D

Yepp, my nickname is Paper. Oh, I've also promised them double coffee haha :D So they'll come and I'm just suuuperexcited!

Also, funny alarm story from Friday

I'm studying in Innsbruck in Austria. But came to Slovakia for a weekend, mostly to visit my skin doctor to ensure my wart is gone and can stop the treatment and slowly get back to BJJ. And I have this new alarm app which offers the checkbox "Tomorrow" :D I was setting an alarm at 2am when I arrived to my hometown. I've set it for 6:30 as my termin was at 8. I've also checked that stupid checkbox :D Yepp...at 2am :D Sooo guess who slept like a baby till 9:30 and passed the doc appointment....

Anyway, soooo pumped for tomorrow, let's gooo!