I have an amazing news for the fans of greatest of American Boxer Mike Tyson in India. Mike Tyson is expected to travel to India in September for the promotion of an MMA event.

World has witnessed some fine boxers but even if you would want to know who has been on the top of the list of boxers you will surely get to hear the name of Mike Tyson. The former World Champion will now be seen supporting Mixed Martial Arts League in India which is expected to start in the last week of September.

MMA has not been a popular sport in India and there is likely a less percentage of people who really know what this sport is about. The league which expected to start in September will definitely help to strengthen the roots of this sport in India. Mike Tyson is a familiar face in India and his arrival will boost the youth of the country to start taking part in this sport.

This combat league is expected to be in a team format which means different countries will get to form teams and then they will get to battle against each other. This event will be first of its kind in India and will certainly introduce this sport to the country which has been into Cricket for a long time now. Adding this sport to the mainstream will give us some exciting times in the future.

Mike Tyson's news of arrival has already played a part in making this event talk of the town. There is a buzz about this event everywhere, now the question will be what teams will be participating in this league and which players will we get to see. I will personally want Mixed Martial Arts to be the mainstream sports programme for the future as it full of energy, rivalry, and suspense.

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