The American Gangster is pissed.

In his recent podcast "You're Welcome", Chael Sonnen, former three-time title contender in the UFC and current Bellator fighter, used his platform to call out the MMA  mainstream media.

His frustration came out when the website Bloody Elbow published an article saying that James Vick, who will headline the UFC card this week-end in Lincoln, Nebraska, only got the main spot because of his popular opponent Justin Gaethje. However the journalist failed to mention that Gaethje was originally supposed to fight Al Iaquinta before Vick was only brought as a replacement.

Sonnen is known to be one of the greatest minds of MMA and a marketing genius. His notoriety skyrocketed when he relentlessly attacked Anderson Silva in the media before the two met twice in the Octagon. But he is claiming that despite all his accomplishments, he has never got the praise that he deserves.

"I will never in a million years get a fair shake from the media in this sport. Never have and never will. I have been in the sport for over 21 years, fought for 5 world championships in 3 different organizations in 2 different weight classes; in the final 4 for my sixth organization, sixth world championship and third weight class, but the media would never tell the story right. They would never say 'That's a great fighter'. They just can't do it. There is a frustration between the media and me. There is a frustration that some of them are trained journalists, some of them interned in places and some of them have been at this forever and every time there is a meaningful media opportunity, they get looked over and it goes to me".

Chael sonnen went on to say that he does not praise himself to show off but because he never gets any credit from the media, so he has to do it himself. He also mentioned that should he beat Fedor Emelianenko on October 13th and therefore reach the final of the heavyweight tournament, he still won't get any credit and his opponent's skills will be questioned.

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