Dustin Poirier has managed win undeniably more than misfortune during his profession yet the sting of rout will continuously hurt regardless of how it works out.

At UFC 291, he experienced just the second knockout loss of his lightweight vocation after Justin Gaethje shot him with a head kick in the second round that finished their headliner rematch. It was a staggering and justifiably disturbing outcome, one that Poirier could accept while tending to the knockout at the post-battle public interview.

"It sucks clearly," Poirier said. "Losing sucks however I've lost previously. I said exactly the same thing previously, it's not cool to be familiar with these sentiments but rather I've been here previously. The vocation I've had and the battles I've had and where I come from, I feel like I've previously won.

"I'm simply taking it step by step yet I'm great. In the event that I win like a man, I must have the option to lose like a man.