Good time of the day for all fans of mixed martial arts UFC. Ever dreamed of becoming one of the fighters of the famous sports organization, and to prosecute their state under the cries of fans in Octagon? In this article, we will understand what is needed to enter the UFC rows.

Derek's and Volkov's fight on UFC 229

So, let's finally finally understand what UFC is.

The UFC stands for "Ultimate Fighting Championship", the most famous sports organization in the world, which is carrying out mixed-style battles and arranges matches for world championship. In the matches, fighters of different weight categories take part (the lightest, semi-light, lightweight, midweight, middle, semi heavy, heavyweight), but with different levels of training, which respectively shows the skill of one or another fighter in his category. Fights at UFC have been taking place since 1993. Now most of the battles are held at the popular Mandalay Bay Hotel and Entertainment Complex in Las Vegas, where the Fighting Championship Headquarters is located.

Pettis and Ferguson fight on UFC 229

So, what is needed to sign a contract with the most famous MMA organization?

The UFC list is adjusted all the time, because if you have lost 2-3 times in a row, violated the rules, your fight was not spectacular, and so on. high likelihood of dismissal from the organization. Older fighters are replaced by more fresher shots, but how do they get there?

Tireless workout and talent

First of all, you need to be a professional in your business and train without hands, without training the champion not to become. Only with sweat and blood you can win championship belts. We all know that 1% of success is talent, and 99% of effort and action, so, everything is in your hands :)

Khabib on training

Start with smaller promotions

Bellator, WSOF, M-1, and so on. In the modern world, there are enough promotions where you can manifest yourself, and demonstrate your skills. If you become a top fighter in any other fightning organization, you may well be invited to UFC. But again, this requires unceasing efforts.

Be a media person

Since UFC is not only an organization engaged in mixed martial arts, but also a grand show that we watch so closely, a combatant should be an interesting media person. Bright presentation at press conferences, interesting behavior, and unique image will provide you with the title of "Media Personality", but the main thing is not to fall into the crust (images of an opponent, etc.), but simply imagine yourself as an interesting person for which fan will be interested in your career and buy a subscription or a ticket for a fight and will cheer for you!

Conor McGregor (Champion in 2 Weight Categories) on UFC 229

Take part in the TUF

The Ultimate Fighter - UFC production reality show. It is thanks to this show that the fighters (winners) fall on Octagon under the cries of wanderers and stormy applause.

Being the best in his native martial arts

Combat Sambo, Taekwando, Judo and so on. , there are many martial arts styles, professionally mastering one of them can move to a new level and improve in other martial arts, having in its base many different skills that will help to win the title of UFC champion.

Have your own team

"One in the field is not a warrior," you will definitely need staff to help you reach your goal. Your team should be a nutritionist, a coach, a doctor, a sparring partner, and others.

Here are some tips for getting into the UFC. And which of them is the most favorable for you?

All photos are taken from the UFC official site