Here is a video of The Spider working out a few weeks ago, in his own "Spider Kick" gym in Hollywood.

He rolls for the first half and then has pad work. Silva is looking sharp! I like it!

For me, Silva had never been the most impressive fighter to watch train, he always looked a little slow, or just not giving his 100% on videos that I have watched of him training. Clearly that means nothing as Silva is the GOAT. His fight resume tells all!

What is left for Silva?

Can the man who set, reached, and destroyed all of the boundaries of possibility in the fight game continue for much longer? He is 43 now, and father time slows down for no man! However... I will present this theory - SOME fighters really start going downhill from 35(ish). Not just fighters but athletes in general. I'm going to name 2 fighters, who are considered old, but also are considered among the best to ever do it:

Yoel Romero - 41 years old

Daniel Cormier - 39 Years old

Soldier of God and DC are still smashing everyone and preforming at their best! Sure, its uncommon, but Silva has it all there still, and isn't much older!

Do you think Silva will be victorious this weekend?

He has one hell of a tough fight this weekend, against The Last Style Bender. The winner will be getting a title shot.


Silva landing a front kick to Belforts jaw!