Well well, BKFC really are trying to set up a huge fight with Paulie and Artem!

First thing is first, Artem must get past Jason Knight - a savage! Long reach, good striker, tons of experience.

As you can see from the video above, the two begin to trash talk, before Paulie slaps Artem. Then are quickly separated and it looks like Paulie attempts to throw a punch as Artem front kicks (teep) him in the stomach.

Paulie then begins to throw death threats at Artem, saying he will kill him etc.... I think that is ridiculous.

Let's be honest, aside from Artem being the GOAT.... he would destroy Paulie in a fight. Not in a boxing match. I do hope we get to see these two brawl and I hope Artem batters Paulie. But, Paulie was a great boxer so I don't think anyone in BKFC will stand a chance.

I also feel we might get Paulie vs Jason Knight... It is one hell of a tough fight for Artem and BKFC shouldn't be looking past that fight yet.

BKFC should just make Paulie vs Artem as they're promoting it too much!

To add - what is wrong with Paulie? Why does he seem like he has always snorted a huge line of coke? Will he ever get over the sparring session with Conor? Who knows, but I find the guy weird...

Artems good friend Conor McGregor fired back at Paulie by uploading a series of pictures to his twitter account (link below), of the sparring session the two had, where Conor supposedly got the better of Paulie. I'd like to see the whole 12 round video if I'm honest!