"Oh we throwing spinning shit now?!" - Nick Diaz

So here is a small video of me hitting the bag just having some fun! Nothing serious, its all about enjoying yourself and having a good time. 

I am injured right now and this was from about a week ago... I have some more videos of myself training that I will post.

I would love to talk some more about Thailand and Muay Thai camp life there, the INSANE training schedule, which truly is insane, even for western fighters to come and try and train 2 times a day (about 5 hours a day at my gym) for 6 days a week is a huge task. But so rewarding! 

Have any of you trained in Thailand before? 

Martial Arts background

I have a taekwondo, boxing and Muay Thai background - I have never trained any type of ground game before, but I would love to learn some BJJ or wrestling. Has anyone trained to wrestle before? I hear it could be the hardest sport! Let me know :)

Thanks for checking this out, I hope you like it and lets keep on having some great sports chat! :D