Two of the best current UK MMA fighters locked horns a few hours ago, in what many expected to be fireworks.... but....

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Well, let's be honest. This fight didn't quite live up to our expectations! That first round? Both fighters were really being cautious and feeling each other out. I mean, really being cautious. MVP won the first round as he landed the only strike of the round. To me I only saw one strike land, but MVP threw a few. Yep, nothing happened.

Rounds 2 and 3 I would give to Daley, he took MVP down and landed some decent(ish) strikes. MVP still got up a few times and threw some ok shots, nothing big landing.

Round 4 I would give to MVP. Daley took him down but MVP reversed the mount and landed some strikes of his own! MVP did land a big flying knee.

Round 5 was quite close, more of the same. Daley taking MVP down, MVP reversing, throwing some good strikes on his feet. Rounds 4 and 5 are more exciting for sure! MVP ends the round with a takedown, winning the round!

The judges gave this close fight to MVP. Do you agree? I must say, I wouldn't have been overly surprised if Daley won, but I agree with a W for MVP. It was close, and not much really happened. Well, we can't have every fight to be like Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann!

I will add, I am surprised that Daley went to his wrestling so much, it wasn't that effective as MVP reversed/escaped etc, but MVP really has unique striking and is tall so I can see why. Still, I guess it shows how different the level of wrestling is in the UK haha!

So MVP remains undefeated and moves on in the WW Grand Prix and has a really tough world class opponent next in Douglas Lima! Now, Lima really is a test for MVP.

That is a fight I can't wait for. This Bellator WW GP is going to be fun! After watching MVP fight last night, I don't think that Lima will be a fun fight for him. Then Rory... hmm. Well, time will tell and we get to watch the best fight the best now!

Anyone remember Lima vs Rory? Wow. Remember Rorys leg?!?!

Here is a picture to remind you of how Limas Low calf kicks are no joke!

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Mirko Cro Cop vs Roy Nelson

A rematch from years back when Nelson finished Cro Cop back at UFC 137, October 29th, 2011.

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Round 1 was good. Nelson flicking out the jab and both men engaging, looking strong and pretty even. Cro Cop lands a nasty body kick and evades more shots, and lands some good ones himself. More of the same in round 2. Round 3, Nelson is showing more urgency but doesn't quite manage to land a bomb, and Cro Cop wins via unanimous decision.

Kongo also won by unanimous decision.

I won't write too much more here as nobody wants to read an essay today!

Let me know your thoughts, fight fans!