Hello scorum world! 

Me and Jun - Muay Thai camp on Koh Samui, Thailand

It’s great to be here, and I’m looking forward to sharing and speaking about sports! Mostly MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and also motorsport! Plus some others... i'm a sport freak!

About me: 

Currently I am  injured, but martial arts is my thing. Black belt taekwondo, many years of boxing and Muay Thai. I have just finished a 6 week Muay Thai camp, but sadly I got injured towards the end. So now time to post whilst my knee, shin and neck heals up 😀 goodbye 6pack... :( 

I also love bikes! I cycle a lot, ride motorbikes and love motogp, wsbk and bsb! 

MMA is my most followed sport as I train in martial arts, so I can’t wait to find a good MMA community and have great discussions and share info! 

I will also post about life as a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand to give some insight to training camp etc :) 

I love health and fitness, keeping strong and pushing the body! 

It will be great to hear back!

Any MMA fans can point me into a community? Any fighters here talking about fight life?

Thanks for checking this out, I’m just grasping how to use this platform but looking forward to getting things moving! 

I will post some videos shortly, and then start some conversations! Peace and love!