When we talk about pioneers of MMA, Ken tops the list for me

So I have been very happen to see the UFC paying some respect to The Lions Den founder Ken Shamrock, and have uploaded a video to their YouTube page paying respects to the first MMA team. I'm going to post the awesome 10-15 minute video below and I really recommend all of you to watch it.

I started getting into UFC around 1998-2000, and my first memories of serious excitement was when Ken Shamrock was fighting, particularly when Tito Ortiz entered the scene and started to have huge beef with Lions Den. The Ken vs Tito 1 (and 2) have been the most excited I think I have ever been for a fight. The Ken vs Tito era was actually quite a long way from the start, but still, this was all new and MMA was now here to stay.

Watch this awesome short documentary about The Lions Den and The Worlds Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock. How it all started!

Anyway, this awesome mini documentary shows just how important Ken and the Lions Den were to MMA, in terms of style and training methods!

Also, here is a video the UFC posted today of Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn - I also highly recommend you watch this - the fight was in 1995! Shows how far we have come and what some of the best original fighters would do.

Wrestling has always been a major component of MMA and really I feel it has developed into being the most important aspect of the fight game - do you agree? Now, I am a striker, I don't have any wrestling or BJJ (apart from rolling with friends) but the facts don't lie! They all have a absolute solid wrestling background or are an expert at BJJ. The sport has developed so much today that all fighters are extremely well rounded.

Hope you all enjoy these videos!