Has anyone heard about Lethwei?

Lethwei is a full contact martial arts sport from Myanmar. This is similar to Muay Thai, however, it is bareknuckle and there is one other effective rule that is allowed... the headbutt.

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This is one brutal sport ladies and gents. If you haven't watched any Lethwei fights in the past I will link to a few youtube videos, and be warned it is savage!

I personally don't like the head butting, but I guess its always interesting to watch combat sports. Also, coming from Muay Thai also find it kind of amusing too watch the Lethwei fighters train, and fire away headbutts on the pads and bags! But I sure would find it amusing taking them!


You CAN headbutt

Fighters are ALLOWED 2 minutes to recover from a K.O and can be revived up to 4 times

Only way to win is by K.O - otherwise the fight is a draw

David Deluc

Heres a video of the open weight world champion - one of the best, and arguably the 'biggest' name in Lethwei. Definitely a popular fighter, and really utilises the headbutt!

Soe Lin Oo

Heres some footage of one of the best fighters from Myanmar

Lethwei Highlight and information video 

Just to add, normally the fighters would just have wraps on their hands to protect wrist and hand injuries, but sometimes the knuckles seems to be wrapped too. 

Let me know what you all think about this! Hope you enjoyed some of these videos - one of the most brutal martial arts in my opinion.