Nate Diaz and Cowboy had an exchange at UFC 235...

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Nate and Cowboy both attended UFC 235. The two have fought before way back at UFC 141 in 2011! Nate Diaz won a pretty comfortable decision. This fight was at lightweight (155lbs).

The two had an exchange; here's what was said:

Cowboy - "Nate, when are you fighting again?"

Nate - "It's not me. UFC doing it."

Cowboy - "Well, just so you know, I'll fight you."

Nate - "S**t, we'll do it at 185, I'm done cutting weight."

Cowboy - "OK"

Wow.... what do you think of this?

Here's what I think. I think Cowboy is 100% serious. He will 100% fight Nate at 185, he will fight Nate at ANY weight, ANY time ANY place. Cowboy really would, he has done it time and time again and sticks by this. When the UFC call, he says yes.

I think Cowboy walks around at about 185-195, and Nate probably closer to 195-200 (guessing here).

Now....Nate. Do I think Nate will fight Cowboy? Nope! Nate has been so inactive. He hasn't fought since the 2 McGregor fights in 2016! He wasn't all that active leading up to the Conor fight either. He was supposed to fight Dustin Poirier about 6 months ago, but Dustin was injured, and Nate was not interested in a another opponent or rescheduling the fight. I question if Nate will fight anyone again...

But, I do think Nate would fight Conor again. As would any fighter, as lets face it, they fight Conor and get paid 4-5X their usual salary! Crazy to think of but it's true.

Nate talks a lot to keep his name relevant, but in terms of the roster, he is becoming more irrelevant. He is still a huge name and a serious fight for anyone, but he is also lucky he still has that Conor fight on the cards for the future.

There had been talks of Conor fighting Cowboy, and always been talks of Conor vs Nate 3. However, I can't see any of these fights being made. So I guess it makes sense for Cowboy vs Nate 2, right?

I do know one thing, 2019 is bringing us very exciting times for the UFC, MMA and combat sports!

Let me know your thoughts, fight fans!