Firstly, yes! Yes, of course we all want to see Nick Diaz return to the Octagon. With his incredible fighting style, attitude and personality, Nick is clearly missed by us fight fans!

However, I don't think we should be pressing Nick Diaz into anything soon (not that the fans make much of a difference these days).

Anderson Silva just called out Nick Diaz, which as a legend fight makes perfect sense to me for a huge one! But, Nick isn't interested...

Nick Diaz

Since Nick received a crazy 5 year ban for testing positive for Marijuana, he has shown no sign of seriously returning to fight. But, what I am concerned about is Nicks personal life...

Nick was not a drinker, supposedly until he met Ronda Rousey and she introduced him to alcohol. In recent years (specifically 2018 and 2019) Nick seems to be hitting the drink hard, and who knows what else...

He responded to Andersons call out with "I just want to party" posing with a bottle.

Listen, I am all for Nick and anyone enjoying their life. Nick can do what he wants. But I would say that I am concerned about Nicks future from recent videos he has posted, and maybe we should leave his name out of question until he makes that call. On the other hand, maybe the fans calling him back could fuel the fire of his return.

If Nick does return, ideally it would be to fight Anderson Silva, in Brazil, on the same card with Conor vs Nate. I mean that's a huge card right there!

Would you want to see Nick fight again?

Within the MMA world

Today, Paul Daley commented on Nick Diaz's situation and has stated he would like to be the one to "save Nick Diaz from self-ruin".

Also, MMA reporter Ariel Helwani has also recently asked the public to "Leave Nick Diaz alone. Please leave him alone."

Seeing these recent comments and Nicks recent videos has inspired me to write this post.

Either way, I'm a huge Nick fan as I'm sure you all are! Hopefully he's just having fun and living his life! Peace out fight fans!

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