Paulie… you should know better!

Getting heated in a face off? Having bad blood? Verbal abuse? Throwing punches and brawling? All are relatively "accepted" during build up to a fight with animosity. But spitting? No way.

Sure these two are building up this fight and generally dislike each other, but there's boundaries! Either way, this is a massive fight. Two huge names in combat sports are having a bare knuckle boxing match. Yes, bare knuckle. If these two fighters were to box, or compete in MMA it would draw a huge crowd, and this is going to bring a massive amount of spectators no doubt. I don't know how I feel about the bare knuckle movement, but I sure as hell am going to watch this fight.

The heated face off!

There is a full 30 minute press conference too if anyone is interested in watching it.

I will add that Artem had an absolute WAR against Jason Knight just in April. He looks all healed up, but that was a savage fight where both men took serious damage. I think Artem really needed longer to recover. Surely he couldn't have trained for at least a month after that fight, and his face must have just healed up, he might not even be sparring yet.

I don't really know why this fight is happening. But, I do hope Artem beats the crap out of Paulie. I used to like Paulie, a little, when he boxed. I also think he is a great boxing analyst. I now find him pretty annoying and a little crazy about Conor McGregor.

Either way, can Artem really box with a top ex-pro? Will no gloves make a difference?

What are your thoughts, fight fans?!