What a great fight - this must be the focus.

As we expected, El Cucuy vs Cowboy was exciting from start to finish.

First off, I want to talk about the fight. It started off hot as we all knew it would.

Cowboy was landing some good shots and Tony was relentless with his pressure and his counters. Tony always has a pretty upright head position, which is why he gets clipped often. Cowboy was tagging him and Tony was firing back! This was a great first round! I would say it was very close and competitive but I will give the slight edge to Cowboy for a few more harder shots landed. But, to me it still looked/felt like Tony was in control. Tony was rolling with those shots really well and taking them. He didn't look hurt. Tony's body kicks were awesome. He was firing a kick and a punch at the same time! He is super unorthodox and super exciting.

Then came Tony's time. Round 2 was amazing. Tony really started to put the beating on Cowboy and oh my goodness the pressure! Cowboy is known for his pressure and Tony was seriously all over him, I mean this was nuts. Tony is looking seriously good! So sharp! Blasting Cowboy and messing his face up badly! Cowboy did manage to get Tony's back and take him down, but he popped right back up.

This is some high level stuff. Tony is the best lightweight of all time. His pressure! His style! He is so effective!


Now, something sadly happened... Tony landed a shot after the bell.

Now, even though this was intentional I don't actually think it was intentional, if that makes any sense... they were throwing , the bell went and Tony reacted and smacked him. This was about half a second after the bell.

I do feel that the ref should be right in between the action when the bell rings when two fighters are throwing leather. When they're right in the moment are they even going to be listening for a bell or are they just fighting? They're fighting! Ref should have jumped in as soon as that bell went and he didn't. Of course this was a mad move from Tony, but, it looked like a heat of the moment thing and I truly believe both men would agree to that. Cowboy holds no ill will towards Tony, who is very upset with his actions.

So the fight then got stopped due to Cowboy's eye swelling up like crazy. He blew his nose which caused this to blow up. So the fight was stopped and Tony wins via TKO. Now, Tony would have won that fight, and if he didn't throw that punch he would have still won via referee stoppage as Cowboys eye was swelling.

I still (and I think you will all agree) feel Tony was starting to beat him badly and Cowboy actually had a fractured orbital from an elbow so it was stopped correctly.

Respect to both men. Tony has said he will run it back with Cowboy.

Do you want to see these 2 rematch? I feel Tony has to... HAS TO get his title shot. I kind of this Dustin isn't really anywhere near as deserving as Tony, and the Khabib vs Dustin fight is a little bit pointless now - I am saying this as a Dustin fan and even if Dustin beats Khabib! The world wants and needs Tony vs Khabib.

Dana White and Conor McGregor

Now - Dana White has been asked many times about Tony getting his title shot. I hate the fact he doesn't just say yes. Dana wants the Conor vs Khabib rematch... I can tell.

This is f*****g ridiculous. Conor doesn't deserve a rematch!

I think Tony vs Khabib would be even bigger than the Conor fight! Sure Conor is a big draw but.... this is unjust and horrifying to me. Who the hell even cares about Conor anymore? Give him Cowboy, or Justin (good luck Conor), or even set Tony vs Conor as a co-headline for Dustin vs Khabib.

Tony has to fight Khabib next, or Conor. Conor should NOT fight Khabib next.

What is it going to take? Maybe us UFC fans should start protesting outside the UFCPI or Dana's office!

Give me your thoughts, fight fans!