After getting excited for Romero vs Costa, we now have 'The Soldier of God' Yoel Romero vs Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza! Which is just as, or even more exciting!

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After almost having Romero vs Costa a few times, it seems it's not just happening yet... again. BUT, Jacare vs Romero 2 is an awesome fight! If you haven't seen the first fight check it out!

UFC 194 - 2015

Romero won the first fight by split decision... some think that Jacare beat him! He almost finished Romero! It was great, and controversial - so it is going to be awesome to run it back!

Respect to both men for taking this rematch - actually, respect to any man that fights one of these dudes!

I am not sure why Costa is out yet, but I will update this post once I do know.


Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza has never had a UFC title shot. Yet. I do believe that, once Gastelum vs Adesanya happens and a MW Interim title is handed out, they will fight Rob in the summer. However, the winner of Romero vs Jacare will fight the winner of that! So this is almost like a interim interim..? F that... it's a #1 contender fight!

Who you got?

Romero is a BEAST and just straight up solid. Champ Rob Whittaker said it was hurting him to kick Romero as he's so hard... Luke Rockhold also referred to him as 'The Man of Steel'. Super durable, super powerful, the best wrestler, and a truly scary dude to fight. Great guy, but The Solider of God is a bad matchup for anyone!

Just to add, and as we all know, Romero is MASSIVE. Jacked City!

You can never sleep on Jacare! His last fight against former champ Chris Weidman was AMAZING! It was just a straight up kickboxing brawl! Even though Chris is a great wrestler and Jacare might be the best jujitsu specialist in the game, the fight stayed standing the whole time and Jacare knocked out Chris in the 3rd! That was a war!

I can't make a prediction just yet. Let me know if you can!