The lightweight title unification fight will take place on October 6th. This is definitely the most important fight on the horizon.

This is an excellent match up. McGregor is good on his feet and does not like to wrestle, whereas Khabib has wrestled his way to the win in everyone of his professional fights. This fight has the potential to be over really quickly or to drag out till the very end. Here are my thoughts on how the rounds will play out.

1st and 2nd rounds: McGregor has a very good chance of ending the fight in these rounds via KO or TKO. Khabib has a habit of trying to stand and box with people and getting tagged at the beginning of the fight. This a dangerous game with McGregor. It would be wise for Khabib to go for the takedown immediately.

3rd - 5th rounds: These rounds only exist if Khabib can land the takedown early imo. McGregor is usually winded by round 3, so I think that Khabib will pull out the win in his classic style if the fight makes it this far in. This would certainly be entertaining to watch.

What do you guys think? Is anyone placing a bet on this fight?