Wow, what a night of fights we had last weekend! I kept remembering that Masvidal KO all week long. Probably the biggest "WOW" moment in MMA for me personally with H. Holm's Rousey KO being close 2nd.

Like Ben Askren half of the participants in our contest got KOed in the very 1st round. @yefet is in the lead again!

Standings after the 1st round:

1. yefet (1/5) - 28,200.00
2. tadas (2/5) - 22,600.00
3. grof (4/5) - 16,800.00
4. fallen.angel (2/5) - 8,120.00
5-8. analyzesport - 0.00
5-8. brandonk - 0.00
5-8. dazed - 0.00
5-8. nikoskol - 0.00

*In the brackets - how many bets you made (out of 5 necessary to be eligible to win the prize).

UFC Fight Night 155

In this round you can choose from these fights:

de Randamie G. (2.23) - Ladd A. (1.66)

Faber U. (3.62) - Simon R. (1.29)

Emmett J. (2.31) - Bektic M. (1.62)

Roberson K. (1.47) - Turman W. (2.72)

Vettori M. (2.10) - Ferreira C. (1.82)

UFC Nostradamus rules

  • This is a long term contest with 4 UFC events (rounds) from which you can pick your winners;
  • Every participant starts with a 10 000 u. (units) bankroll and uses that bankroll to place bets on the given fixtures;
  • You will be given a list of fights to choose from with real market odds in each of 5 events. You don't need to choose a winner from each fight or even each event. The only requirement is to place at least 5 bets on 5 different fights with at least 1000 u. to be eligible to win the contest;
  • The participant with the biggest bankroll at the end of the contest (after UFC 240) will win the contest and 100 SCR;
  • The best result of the round will receive my 100% upvote, 2nd place - 75%, 3rd - 50%, every other entry with a positive result in the round - 20%, every other entry - 10%

Write your picks in the comment section until 5 PM CST (of the fight day). Picks after that will not be eligible.