The american fighter has withdrawn from the box but continues with demonstration matches. Mayweather has 50 wins and zero boxing defeats, but is now preparing to fight MMA rules with an athlete from Japan.

The fight is scheduled for 31 december and is considered to be preparing for a spectacular rematch with Conor McGregor in 2019 on mixed martial arts rules.

Tenshin Nasukawa is Mayweather's opponent in the fight scheduled for December 31 on the Saitama Super Arena.

The Japanese are just waiting to fight the legendary American pugilist."It's the biggest match in my life, I'm happy to materialize.Nobody has managed to beat my opponent so far, and I want to be the man who comes into history. "My fist can change history, so please to watch me " Tenshin said.

He has 27 wins and zero defeats in his fighter career.