This saturday in Nevada, the United States, Conor McGregor returns to the octagon to regain the UFC lightweight title in a thrilling duel ahead of Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. The 30-year-old from Dagestan is the current champion in weight up to 70kg in MMA after the vacant title earned seven months ago in the Brooklyn-based match with the Italian-American Al Iaquinta, the title that belonged to the "notorious McGregor" but later abandoned the Irish athlete due to inactivity in this category. The duel is really thrilled with all the enthusiasts in a fierce game that is expected to bring record benefits not only to the organizers but also to the television networks that have taken over the broadcast of this event, which is 229 in the UFC, without forgetting the "pay per view", which in North America is expected to exceed two million subscribers.

The final agreement was announced on August 3, so the two fighters have had enough time to prepare in the best way for a match that is considered to be one of the biggest in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Both vary greatly from one another, even in the way they fight in the cage. Khabibi has had a gradual climb, not recognizing any loss in the 26 appearances in this sport, eight of which were won by "knock out", and eight after the opponent's surrender.

Conor, on the other hand, will return to the Oktagon after a full 693 days, a period during which the Irish 30-year-old dared to challenge boxing a legend of this sport like Floyd Mayëeather Jr. in one of the richest games in boxing history. Though both are peers, they can not be matched either by fame or wealth, furthermore, they are two types of completely different character. If Khabibi is simple and prefers to hold a more attentive attitude towards the media, "Notorious" is as famous as being rumored for his deeds and his life away from the cage.

McGregor has won 21 out of 24 matches in Mixed Martial Arts, 18 of which knock out, however Mystic Mac counts three losses, with opponents like Artemij Sitenkov and Joseph Duffy at the beginning of the career but also with Californian Nate Diaz, two and a half years ago, exactly at the Mecca of this Las Vegas sport, representing both the recent defeat of the 30-year-old from Dublin to the UFC. Curious is the fact that Khabib called himself Floyd Mayëeather of the MMA at the last press conference where for the sake of truth the Russian fighter appeared on time, welcomed his opponent for 15 'and then left before to present Conor McGregor.

Nurmagomedov was born in the North of the Caucasus, at the time of the Soviet Union, and his father, a war veteran, learned to wrestle at age eight, a widespread sport in that region, to enlighten him behind in judo and sambo, martial art, born exactly in the Soviet Union and then developed by the Red Army to be perfected to the degree that even today is considered one of the most effective techniques in the various disciplines fighting, so Nurmagomedov is the favorite and bookmakers have significantly reduced the coefficients for his victory, anyhow, something comprehensible, given the distraction, stormy life and McGregor's so much time out of this sport.

Despite the popularity of Irish sportsman, Khabibi, who is the first Russian and at the same time the first UFC champion of Muslim origin, represents the most difficult opponent in a possible return. Conor's return to the octagon coincides with another important match between two other athletes of this weight, Tony Ferguson - Anthony Pettis and the winner of this duel will most likely face future championships that will come out of the duel McGregor - Nurmagomedov, to be held in Las Vegas, Sunday morning, around 6 am, with Europe's central clock.


Betting companies quote: 

Khabib with coefficient 1.5 

McGregor for victory 2.5

What do you think who is going to win this fight?