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[UFC] 'Old Emperor' Aldo, leaning on Moicano?
Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is expected to make a dangerous match-up with Renato Moicano. Aldo is likely to play in the UFC Fight Night 144, which will be held on February 2 in Fortaleza, Brazil. His opponent is "Moicano" . Recently, it has emerged as a dark horse with an unusual performance. UFC fans alighting in Aldo are talking with anxiety that "McGregor is playing a leaning role for Moicano even after Max Holloway." Aldo is a legend of the featherweight class. UFC, as well as the WEC, reigned as the strongest, featherweight was playing a big role in the boxing weight. Not only the grades but also the contents were hot, and there was a lot of voices in respect of the fans as well as the competitors. By 2014, he had dictated the 'dictator' force with 25 wins (1 loss) including 18 consecutive wins in 26 games. Aldo's "absolute monarchy" begins to shake slightly after the defeat of Cornor McGregor in 2015. McGregor has been in the top five since the inclusion of the game. It is also because of the frequent confrontation with the champion class strong. There was also a tie-up with Max Holloway, one of the active featherweight class supporters. Aldo was technically not at all pushed by Holloway, but suffered from stamina and activity. As a young fighter, about 10cm bigger than himself, put pressure on his body, Aldo knelt twice in a row. Brazilian legend Aldo vs Brazil Divine Moicano Moicano (13 wins, 1 draw, 1 draw) is a good height (180.34cm) based on weight class, after another featherweight monster that has a strong presence in the game. With Zabit Magomedsharipov, he has been regarded as a next generation strong person, and recently Moicano is getting ahead. Zabit Magomedsharipov is not much of a confrontation with a stronger yet proven. Moicano, on the other hand, is picking up big names in succession. The power of Moicano, who is a Brazilian small and medium-sized jungle fighter champion, combined with a unique sense of distance and submission power on the ground, is buried in the last two years. Jeremy Stephens, Brian Ortega etc. Moicano only managed to lose Ortega, who recently won the championship title, and all the other opponents were caught. I feel like stepping on the road that champion Hallway is giving me. Fighting style is different, but a lot of the flow that comes up through the verification of the step by step closely resembles. The biggest strength of Moicano is street fighting ability. I pull out a good kidney side, a backstep, and hold a distance of myself while I am on the move, and put a validity. He slipped into a square and slid down Swanson with a lightly thumping jab, and he continued to hit the counter as he fell back in the stupid Stevens punch rush. In boxing matches with good kits, a combination of punching and kicking and pounding was impressive. Even with Ortega, it proved to be a cost effective fight with a lot of hit points. Fuselage vision, avoidance ability, even if you meet someone with a step even if you do not see the damage in a standing striking. There is a separate Moicano. Submission ability. The team finished the game with 6 wins (46%) out of 13 wins. I do not try a lot, but I try to take the position properly or damage it. It is also impressive that all six sub-mission victories ended in Rear Naked Choke. The confrontation between Aldo and Moicano is hard to guess. Moicano's rising moment is scary, but it's not yet a fully-proven fighter like Holloway. It is not as easy as saying that defeating Aldo is not the same as before. Aldo is still a difficult opponent among the top ranked players. Frankie Edgar and Jeremy Stephens, who had been fighting back and forth at the time of Max Holloway's winning streak, showed that they were not willing to give up their kingship. In addition, there is a high possibility of going to the third round. It is also possible to have a strategy in the first half without considering a long term. So the two winners are important in featherweight generation change. If Aldo, who represents the veteran forces, wins, he will still be in a new state of affairs. This is why we are wondering about the end of the confrontation.

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