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Francis Ngannou FINISHES Cain Velasquez within 30 seconds! WOW... What's next?
OH MY GOODNESS - Some of us may have predicted this but none of us wanted to see it! The Finish Let's get straight into this. Did Cain get knocked out or did his knee give out? From post fight interviews and watching the replay several times (plus the live commentary) it does appear Cain's knee gave way. This is very unfortunate... Cain really has some miles on his body and has been injured so much. The Fight All respect to Francis, he did his job, looked sharp and did not hesitate! Cain was the aggressor and in his own words "got too close too soon". Francis sure does have monstrous power in his hands. The dude is a straight up beast! Cain pushed forward pretty hard and wanted to get into a brawl, that we all wanted to see! I will end this with saying I don't think Cain was dropped, but his knee gave out and he dropped to the floor due to this. However, Francis did clip him a few times. I really like both of these fighters! What is next for these fighters? Francis Well, it can only be a title shot. I don't think many of us want to see Stipe vs Francis 2 just yet do we? I'm not overly interested in that. Francis vs DC? Sure, it would be great, but DC has other plans, that make more sense (kind of) and are pretty exciting. DC is right at the end of his career and I don't think Francis fits into his timeframe. We never know! But, we DON'T want to see Ngannou vs Lewis again, do we? Cain I am not sure what is next for Cain. He is so injury prone, maybe it is time for him to retire. It hurts me to say that. However, if his knee isn't damaged, he might be able to fight again in a few months. Maybe we see him fight on the same card as DC does next. Cain vs Jones was talked about this week, and I personally would love to see that! That wont be next, so I think Cain was anyone in the top 10, Volkov? Overeem? JDS?! Tuivasa? Hell, I think Mark Hunt would be a good one. Lots of options! I just wish Cain a speedy recovery and I hope we get to see him soon! What a class act, you gotta love Cain! I will leave one future suggestion here that I think gets everyone's heart racing.... Francis vs Lesnar…..?