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SourceEdson Barboza vs Justin GaethjeEdson Barboza is one of the most prolific strikers in UFC history. KO artists and most KO’s via kicks. Edson Barboza’s main weakness is facing aggressive wrestlers. Khabib has set out the blue print on how to beat Barboza. Easier said than done, just ask Kevin Lee what happen when he tried to strike with Barboza? Lee was dominating the fight with his wrestling then almost got KO by Barboza. Edson has a Black belt in Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Leg kicks, body kicks and head kicks, Barboza throws them all. Barboza throw a lot of combination and are all power strikes to do damage. This bout is a classic striker vs wrestler and it is not. Justin Gaethje is a NCAA Division I wrestler who refuses to use his wrestling and to his case it has worked because not one but all his UFC bouts, he has earned a bonus. His fights are wars, he is coming for blood and punishment and will take the consequences that comes with it. With that being said it would be nice if he incorporated his wrestling with his striking for his longevity sake. The blue print against Edson is to wrestle him to the ground. Despite that being the case, expect to see a war. Tough fight to call but Edson Barboza is the better striker and has seen way better fighters. David Branch vs Jack HermanssonHermansson is an aggressive fighter, he gets his opponents to the ground and pound them. Jack is ok in the striking but nothing spectacular. Branch has a Gracie Black belt in BJJ, very impressive. Branch is very inconsistent lately he has some impressive wins and disappointing losses. He is on the wrong side of 35 years old. This could be his last ride. Branch is the better striker and grappler, ride with Branch for the KO/TKO. Josh Emmett vs Michael JohnsonJohnson is a veteran in this game, his last fight he edged out a split decision against Andre Fili. In this bout Johnson will have to be careful because Josh Emmett has power. Josh Emmett was on this rise after a devasting KO he landed on Ricardo Lamas. Shortly after he received a devasting KO from Jeremy Stephens and has been out ever since, over year now. I think he has recovered from it. The questions is how is his chin and psychological state? His chin could be fragile at this point. A scratch and it could be nighty night. We know Emmett has KO power, but it may be time for him to use his wrestling, and he has a purple belt in BJJ. Emmett gets back on the win train! Karolina Kowaliewicz vs Michelle WatersonKowalkiewicz is striker and very tough fighter. She has a background in Muay Thai. Her last fight did not end well, she got KO’ed by Andrade, losing her opportunity for the title fight. One of my favorite fighters on the card, the karate hottie. She is very well rounded and this will be a scrappy fight. Her keys to winning this one will be getting her opponent to the ground. I expect Waterson to get this victory and her striking is very good also. Paul Craig vs Kennedy NezchukwuReally nice performance by Craig in his last fight against Jimmy Crute, He had the chance to win but ended up getting submitted by Crute. The UFC is using him to test younger fighters because he is a veteran in this game and most likely ain’t fighting for title or getting into the top 10. African Savage is what Nzechukwu is indeed. His striking skills were on display in the contender series. I am riding with Nzechukwu to get the KO/TKO is this fight. He is composed and his striking is better than Craig’s.Sheymon Moraes vs Sodiq YusuffMoraes has faced better competition than Yusuff and is a very well rounded fighter. Moraes has a tendency of eye poking fighters. However in this matchup he will not get that chance. Right out the gate I got Sodiq Yusuff in this fight. Some may think this fight is close but sadly I do not see it that way. Yusuf is the better striker with KO power, Moraes will not get the chance to eye poke Sodiq in this fight because he will be asleep before he gets that chance. Yusuff via KO. Nigerian Take Over In Philly.