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UFC Nostradamus (100 SCR Contest): May // Round #1
New month - new UFC predictions contest! In April I finally managed to win this contest myself and was super pumped about that! Up until this day, we have 3 winners - @mikey, @keegzhawkins, and @tadas (woohoo). Who will win in May? (Source) There are 3 UFC events scheduled in May so we will have 3 rounds in this installment of the contest. UFC Fight Night 151 - Iaquinta vs Cerrone (Source) For this round you can choose from these fights: Iaquinta A. (1.82) - Cerrone D. (2.01) Brunson D. (1.91) - Theodorou E. (1.89) Swanson C. (2.31) - Burgos S. (1.62) Katona B. (2.41) - Dvalishvili M. (1.57) Harris W. (1.57) - Spivak S. (2.39) Barriault M. (2.38) - Sanchez A. (1.59) UFC Nostradamus rulesThis is a long term contest with 3 UFC events (rounds) from which you can pick your winners;Every participant starts with a 10 000 u. (units) bankroll and uses that bankroll to place bets on the given fixtures;You will be given a list of fights to choose from with real market odds in each of 5 events. You don't need to choose a winner from each fight or even each event. The only requirement is to place at least 5 bets on 5 different fights with at least 1000 u. to be eligible to win the contest;The participant with the biggest bankroll at the end of the contest will win the contest and 100 SCR;The best result of the round will receive my 100% upvote, 2nd place - 75%, 3rd - 50%, every other entry - 10% Write your picks in the comment section until 5 PM CST (of the fight day). Picks after that will not be eligible.