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My UFC Fight Night 144 Thoughts. Live Updates, Spoiler Alert!
Time to check out this card on ESPN+ tonight! I was a little late getting started. I missed the first fight. Lívia Renata Souza defeats Sarah Frota via decision. I can't say much since I missed it. Johnny Walker defeats Justin Ledet via KO in Rd 1. Wow! That was over before it started. He seems so relaxed and within 10 seconds that switch flips on. Great 2 kick sequence followed by the spinning back fist. He's very, very lucky that kick missed. You cannot kick a downed fighter, so I'm not sure what he was thinking there. Nonetheless, very impressive KO finish! Charles Oliveira defeats David Teymur via Submission in Rd 2. Well, what a strange issue with the eye pokes! The ref took a point, as he should in my opinion. Too many refs let eye pokes go, and whether it's intentional or not, it affects the fight. Even after the point, there appears to be complaints from Oliveira for two more eye pokes. He couldn't really see much going into the second round, but they begin throwing down. Anaconda choke in the scramble was beautiful. Great job Oliveria! Damien Maia defeats Lyman Good via Submission in Rd 1. Maia's mma jiu jitsu is the standard. That was Lyman's first loss by sub I believe. Maia just had intense, quick pressure on the takedown, and then took the back. That's a tough position for Lyman to stay standing. You can't tell me his legs weren't getting tired. Nonetheless, he fought the hands and the choke while staying in standing. Maia switches choking sides a few times before winning that chess match. At some point, Lyman should have dove forward and tried to shake or spike Maia off. In that position, that's about your only option. Great win for Maia! Jose Aldo defeats Renato Moicano via TKO in Rd 2. Can the greatest featherweight champ of all time spoil the up and coming title contender Moicano? We are about to find out. I've been waiting for this fight! The announcers put over Moicano as a similar fighter to Max Hollaway, and I agree. He constantly looks better and adaptable each fight. The crowd loves Aldo, and he looks to be soaking it up. Supposedly he's going to fight 3 fights in 2019 and be finished. What can he do these last three fights? Can he put together a good run? Round 1 was much a feeling out process. The striking looked crisp from both fighters. Aldo looks to be the quicker with the head movement and hand feints. You can see the experience level and quickness, even at his age. Seems to be an even first round. Round 2 begins with the feeling out process. It quickly becomes CRAZY! Vintage Jose Aldo. Begins with the left hook, switches between the head and body, to the knees! He's unloading on Moicano, and the ref has to step in. Aldo goes out of the cage in celebration! Amazing striking, and Jose Aldo still has it! Marlon Moraes defeats Raphael Assuncao via Submission in Rd 1. Here is the main event. Huge knockdown in the first round by Moraes. It looked very close to a TKO stoppage but Assuncao recovers. He can't seem to get back to his feet. Moraes finishes with an arm in guillotine in round 1.

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