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UFC 236 - Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier - Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya
Ladies and Gentlemen, you don't want to miss this! Holloway vs Poirier 2 - Lightweight 7 years ago, a young 23 year old Dustin Poirier beat an even younger 20 year old Max Holloway. Max got caught with a solid guillotine/armbar and was forced to tap. Both men looked great and we knew they had amazing careers ahead. Now, the two meet again. Max is on an incredible 13 fight win streak, and is arguably the best featherweight to ever do it, and for sure is one of the best fighters in the world right now. He is a fight or 2 away from undeniably being the p4p number 1. Dustin has fought some of the best, and just like Max, has beaten some of the very best. Dustin has been looking sharper, stronger, and more powerful every fight. He always comes to fight, and we all know we are in for one hell of a fight this weekend! Aside from these two fighting 7 years ago, they are both much more evolved fighters now. Especially Max who was only 20 years old. I cant believe he is only 27 now! Max has looked insane in recent years, destroying Jose Aldo twice, and putting a seriously brutal beating on Brian T-City Ortega! The winner gets the interim title, meaning they are next at a shot against Khabib. Max and Dustin both have losses to former champ Conor McGregor. Gastelum vs Adesanya - Middleweight Did anyone watch The Ultimate Fighter 17? If you did (or didn't) Kelvin has been in this very situation before. Kelvin was actually one of the very last picks of all of the fighters, and now here he is. He made his way to the final and had to fight the 'best fighter to ever compete in TUF' in Uriah Hall. Kelvin outclassed Hall and won TUF17! Hall and Gastelum are now friends and train together. But, Kelvin was written off in the TUF17 finale, and I feel he is getting written off right now. This young fighter is for real, and has beaten former champs and the best fighters there are to face! His opponent, Israel Adesanya, is a seriously talented martial artist. His 2018 was incredible, a meteoric rise to stardom, and his 2019 fight against GOAT Anderson 'The Spider' Silva propelled him to new heights. Incredible kickboxing, footwork, mind and body connection, Israel really does have us believing he is the future, and for good reason. MW champ Robert Whittaker is coming back soon, and the winner will fight him late this summer (hopefully). I hope Rob has healed and is enjoying training again. Predictions Now, the favourites would be to choose Max and Israel, and all for good reason. However, as much as I want to, I won't this time! Dustin has beaten Max before, so, let's see if he can do it again! If I'm truly honest I cant see anyone beating Max, but I'm sticking with it and saying Dustin to win - I cant say how! Kelvin Gastelum has been here before, and has shone time and time again! Kelvin to get in close and put Adesanya away! Feel free to call me crazy for these predictions! Who you got?!

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