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How Larry Hazzard Saved the UFC..
The once New Jersey sports commissioner is now technically a Hall of Famer for the UFC. [Image Source] Larry was one of the few people who fought for the rights of mixed martial artists as athletes and performers. He was a martial artist himself as a young man, and through the trials and tribulations of 90s Atlantic City, Larry helped usher in a new era of profit and entertainment through the sport of 'mma'. [Image Source] The UFC had a lot of dealings with Donald Trump at the time of their birth, and at many of the early events Donald can be seen full enthralled with the events at his hotel. Most famously, Trump put on a few of the Affliction fight cards which tried to pit as many super champions together as they could. The idea at the time was incredible, and having champions of both PRIDE and the UFC at the time was just unreal. This is when Fedor knocked out Tim Sylvia and basically solidified PRIDE FC as the most talent rich and sought after mma organization. Now back to Larry... he was really the spark of the UFC's engine for the early 90s and 2000s onward. He allowed the UFC to put on shows in New Jersey and Atlantic City which spawned the Trump friendship and eventually helped the Fertita brothers develop a gameplan for Vegas and the long haul [future]. Larry fought for martial arts in a time when people wanted to prohibit what has become my favorite sport. I appreciate Larry, and he is just as much a hall of famer as the original fighters like Royce Gracie and Tito. [Image Source] Thanks again Larry!