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UFC 236! WHAT A NIGHT! The best co-main and main... ever?!
That co-main and main event were legendary! Let's start with that co-main: Isreal Adesanya defeats Kelvin Gastelum in 5 round WAR! Wow. Words can't really put this into perspective, but holy smoke, what a fight. One of the greats! Fight of the year (along with the main event which I will get to) contender for sure. 2019 has really brought us the fights! Kelvin hurt Style Bender early, in round 1, and looked so sharp! Kelvin firing bombs and Adesanya all over the place! Kelvin has serious power, and Israel showed his real heart. Adesanya comes back in round 2 and rocks Kelvin! Kelvin Izzy trade massive shots and this is back and forth all out war! Kelvin almost finishes Adesanya with a HEAD KICK?! Madness ensued! It really came down to the 5th, where I feel it was pretty even and either guy almost needed a finish... and Izzy showed his heart and really put the beating on Kelvin in the final round. Kelvin in pure survival mode! Adesanya knocking him down and landing huge shots, the ref let's Kelvin get to the final bell and it is all over! Kelvin was seconds away from being out of it. The two embrace respect. What a crazy fight! Two SERIOUSLY TOUGH DUDES! Massive respect to both men, Kelvin even in loss has shown he is one of the toughest men on the planet and Adesanya kept his hype and showed he is the real deal. Whittaker vs Adesanya next... Australasian WAR! Now, let's speak about that amazing main event of the evening! Dustin Poirier BEATS Max Holloway in 5 round WAR! Another CRAZY WAR! Insane, I couldn't believe it! Dustin looked amazing, as did Max. Dustin proved he really is the top contender and deserves his title shot, and Max took some absolute bombs and kept the pace and pressure! Dustin came out hard and immediately showed the huge power advantage. I didn't think Max would look small or underpowered, but, he kind of did, a little. Max's crazy combos didn't do as much damage as they usually do, Dustin took it well and gave it even better. Dustin looked tired at some points and Max would capitalise! Both men were rocked, but Max got hit so many times, and hard. At the end of the 4th Max caught Dustin in an awesome choke, but, it was with seconds away from the bell. Dustin OPENED Max up in the 4th with a brutal knee and we have never seen Max in this condition. Max still looked incredible, he just took some massive shots, and was a little over powered. Dustin showed his warrior spirit and proved to himself he deserves everything he has worked for. Absolute legendary fight with two of the best! Dustin will be next to fight Khabib! What are your thoughts on UFC 236?!