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Matt Hughes issued restraining order from his wife and brother
Former UFC Welterweight champ has gone through difficult times in recent years, but this is some more sad and unfortunate news Arguably, Matt paved the way for MMA styles as he was a very dominant champ, and one of the only 2 men to ever defeat GSP. He also suffered a very serious life threatening injury when a train hit his car in June 2017. But, of recent years Matt has seemed to be recovering slowly from these injury's and did not seem quite the same as he struggled to walk and had a serious brain injury. He now has been issued a restraining order from his wife and his brother. It is said that Matt hit his wife in front of his children, after his wife supposedly confronted him about speaking with other women. Back in 2017, shortly after the train incident, Matt allegedly choked his wife and smashed her head into the wall when she would not give him the keys to his truck or the code to his gun closet. In June 2018 he supposedly threatened to shoot his wife after she confronted him about speaking with other women on his phone. Matts twin brother, Mark, had an issue where apparently Matt got physical with Marks 15 year old son over a dispute over Marks tractor. Mark then found it soaked in petrol and believed Matt was going to destroy it. Matt cannot come within 500 yards of his wife, children, or brother. It sure is sad to hear these types of things, but all of these allegations come after his incident so brain damage comes to mind. Hopefully everything can be resolved, and Matt gets the help he needs.