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Max Holloway vs Tony Ferguson?! UFC 236!
Well... What do we have here! So, Max "Blessed" Holloway has openly posted on his social media pages about a possible/definite bout against the best Lightweight, Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson! For the LW Interim belt! WOW! The Tony Bandwagon So, as you all may know, many a MMA fan, and general 'casuals' etc have been posting "Tony Ferguson is the type of guy....." comments for quite some time. Some comments are kind of taking aim at Tony, but most really acknowledge what a perfectionist he is as a fighter, so it's good in some ways as he is getting more recognition! It was time for Max to jump on this bandwagon stating that "Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to copy my back tattoo an tell me I've been blessed". Interesting. Even more interesting is the UFC236 wiki page that Max uploaded. Well... I guess we have a fight here ladies and gents! Lightweight Division With Khabib being out until around October due to bans from him and his team, we might not see him return anytime soon, so, as things must move on, this does seem like the biggest fight the lightweight division can possibly have. Tony Ruling out anything else for Tony, as he IS THE INTERIM champ already (was stripped by the UFC for seriously injuring his leg). So there isn't anything Tony can do now apart from keep on taking the biggest fights and winning them all. The dude is on an 11 fight win streak! What more can he do! I really do feel for Tony, but sometimes this is how things work out with injuries and weight cutting illnesses etc... MMA is a crazy game! As I have said, I really feel for Tony. He, in my opinion, is the best lightweight and I know how much us fans NEED to see a fit Tony vs Khabib. I have always thought Tony will beat him. Do you? Max Who else can Max fight at 145? He has destroyed Aldo twice, and battered Ortega; who else is there for him? Nobody. He has cleaned out the division and proved he is the best! One of my last posts I state how I feel Max has potential to go down as the GOAT! Dude is still so young! For Max, it only makes sense to go up to 155. He is a tall and big 145er, so a 155 move is natural! I don't see Max dropping back to 145 if/once this fight takes place. Who else can Max fight at 145? It makes sense for him to fight for the Interim title, or the title at 155! Potential fights at 155 The LW division is soooo stacked! Adding Max just makes it all seem even more crazy than before! Conor - recently called for a fight with Nate and Cowboy. I think we will see him fight around May/June, if he wins, he will fight either Max or Tony next (basically the loser of their fight). Plus, this rematch with Max will be a HUGE fight. But I think Conor needs to get a win or 2 under his belt before taking on Max, Tony or Khabib again. Any top 5! Every fighter at LW is a killer! Almost every fight we can make is a blessing haha! Tony - My thoughts about El Cucuy I just want to add that I really do feel for Tony, but what can he do? Accept the fight against Max and keep moving forward, knowing that he is one or 2 fights away from being classed as the P4P king?Not entertain the Max fight, and have his soul focused on Khabib? Who would you prefer to see Tony fight? Max or Khabib? Peace out, fight fans! To add - This fight has not been officially announced from the UFC