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RDA finishes Kevin Lee! Tyron Woodley OUT of Lawler fight
RDA dominates Kevin Lee! Experience beats youth! Raphael Dos Anjos beats Kevin Lee in a decent fight, which had an explosive start! So, in my opinion, RDA looked in control pretty much the whole time, bar the first 2-3 minutes of the first round. Kevin did score quite a few takedowns and so did RDA. Kevin also landed some awesome body kicks, and RDA would fire kicks right back Muay Thai style! One for one! Kevin did land some nice punches early on, and RDA opened up more as the fight went past the first round. Bar the aggressive start and these take downs Lee got over RDA, and landing some nice shots, to me RDA just looked in control of the fight, and finally submitted Lee with an arm triangle choke in round 4. I must add, Kevin Lee didn't impress me. I might be being harsh here, and let me know if you disagree. But he was gassed out real quick. I know RDA has tons of cardio and experience, and don't get me wrong, Kevin landed some good shots and looked good at times, but RDA was fine and never really in danger. I think I just expected more of Kevin and maybe getting humbled again might help him in the future. His conditioning looked poor - or maybe RDA's made him look this way... hmm, I think he gassed. This was Kevin's welterweight debut, and he looked pretty big and full. Maybe he should have spent more time running, as that is what would really boost his cardio game. He looks kind of bulky, but then again look at Tyron Woodley, he's really big and has great cardio! RDA looked amazing, I just was really not impressed with Lee. What is next for RDA? Could RDA step up and fight Robbie Lawler in just over a month? I don't think so... but that would be pretty cool! RDA has already beaten Robbie in December 2017. RDA has a fair enough argument to say he's next at the title after Usman vs Colby eventually happens... what's going on with that fight - let's get it sorted UFC! RDA vs winner of Askren vs Masvidal? I think RDA could step up and fight Robbie.... either way, I think he is 1 more win away from a title fight. What is next for Kevin Lee? I'm not sure. Lot's of cardio training and maybe even losing some muscle and going back to 155? Well, that wont happen, so who's next? Maybe give him Darren Till or Leon Edwards at the next UFC in England. Lee is still a pretty big name, he just hasn't quite lived up to his hype yet. Kevin is still very young! He will be back for sure and has a good 7+ years of fight left! Tyron Woodley As you all may know, Tyron Woodley is out of his scheduled fight with Robbie Lawler at the end of June. He has a hand injury. Who do you want to see Ruthless fight?