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Conor McGregor ready to fight!
The Notorious one has openly addressed the issues with being a co-main event on a UFC card Yesterday Conor McGregor has a Q&A with some fans. He openly addressed the 'issue' of being a co-main event, and has said he will happily and willingly slide into the co-main event slot of a fight card, on the condition that he gets his fair share of the company. Meaning, he wants shares in the UFC. Here is a video clip taken from a fan who was present at the UFC stars Q&A: As you can see, Conor also states he has no problem with helping the UFC boost the companies brand over fighter rhetoric. He just wants shares in the company. Conor was heard at the UFC 205 post fight press conference asking for shares in the UFC. It was unknown if we would see him fight again, unless he was offered what he was asking for. Does Conor deserve it? To be fair, love him or hate him, Conor still is the biggest star the UFC has ever seen. He might be the biggest star we ever see. His rise was phenomenal and his following is just as impressive. He really is fun and exciting to watch. The Khabib fight buildup was a little over the top, but, it sold way more PPVs than any other fight. Conor also makes other fighters rich! He has done amazing this for this sport and I do believe he has helped catapult the UFC, and even MMA in general to where it is at today. In some ways, the fighters can thank Conor... So, yes, I do feel Conor deserves the extra pay and certain rights that he may hold. I am not educated enough to comment on company shares, but I am sure they will work something out. Let me know your thoughts? Who could be The Notorious ones next opponent?